Employment law



Lawyers Marcus Helf and Christoph Pesch, also specialists in employment law

Personal employment law

We draft, negotiate and conclude employment contracts on behalf of our clients. We also advise on the amendment and termination of employment contracts and negotiate severance and settlement agreements. We act on behalf of our clients in employment disputes throughout Germany.

Collective employment law

We support our clients in all matters related to commercial constitutional and collective bargaining law and represent them throughout Germany in employment tribunal resolution procedures.

Restructuring and business/operational transfers

We configure and implement restructuring and staff adjustment plans and other operational changes. In this context we also represent our clients during the requisite negotiations on the reconciliation of interests and during redundancy plan negotiations. On behalf of the purchaser, we audit the target company by undertaking an employment law due diligence procedure.

Trade and company secrets

We pursue the anti-competitive acquisition and exploitation of confidential know-how and other trade and company secrets by (former) employees.

Managing Directors and Executive Board members

We advise and represent companies during the conclusion, amendment and termination of employment contracts for Managing Directors and Executive Board members.


We will ensure that your decision-makers and managers are always up to speed on matters related to employment law, as part of our in-house coaching service.