Commercial and competition law



Lawyer Christoph Pesch

Commercial, contract and distribution law

We draft and negotiate contracts in all areas of commercial and other business law. We will support you in all matters related to agents, dealers and other distribution law. We will check and revise your general terms of business and model contracts. We also support our clients in all matters related to transport and shipping law.

Commercial legal protection, transfer of technology and know-how, advertising law

We will protect your intellectual property and support you during its commercial exploitation, by drafting and negotiating licence, know-how, cooperation, IT, publishing, R&D agreements and other forms of exploitation. We will advise you on matters related to copyright, trade mark and registered design law and assert your claims, if necessary in court. We will review your advertising campaigns and pursue breaches of competition by your competitors. We support agencies in all matters related to advertising and event law.

Computer and IT law

We draft and negotiate online and offline contracts and will support you in matters related to the provision of online services of all kinds. We will secure and defend your domains.